UPDATE – August 2019

PSYCHO PATH is complete and we’re putting the word out! Make sure to check out the TRAILER, IMDB Page, or our Facebook Page for more information. You can check out at select horror film festivals this year and we’re excited for you guys to see it!!! Big shout out to our actors, Abigail Wilson, Jack Pearson and Michael Smith – we couldn’t have done it without you. 

There’s quite a bit going on with TETHERED behind the scenes right now but most of it has us in a holding pattern. We can’t divulge too much yet, but we’re hoping to have some news for everyone on that front this year. For the latest updates on all of our projects, be sure to follow our 4LM FB page – we tend to put out news immediately – you can check it out by clicking HERE.


NERVOUS BREAKDOWN is currently playing at select film festivals in 2019. Keep an eye out for it if you’re lucky enough to catch it!

That’s it for now. Be sure to follow 4 Leagues Media on Facebook for news announcements and updates on the progress. As always, if you have an idea, question or want to just drop us a line – check us out on Facebook or email our Ops guy – Jeff@4LeaguesMedia.com