UPDATE – May 2019

We are currently working on our next short film which we are shooting in Greensboro, NC. This one is getting fast-tracked and we can’t wait to start sharing some promotional material surrounding the concept. Pay attention to our social media pages – it’ll be worth it. ūüėČ

There’s quite a bit going on with TETHERED behind the scenes right now but most of it has us in a holding pattern. We¬†can’t¬†divulge too much yet, but we’re hoping to have some news for everyone on that front this year. For the latest updates on all of our projects, be sure to follow our 4LM FB page – we tend to put out news immediately – you can check it out by clicking¬†HERE.


NERVOUS BREAKDOWN¬†is currently playing at select film festivals in 2019. We had two private screenings in the Fall of 2018 and they were a blast! Can’t wait for others to see this at some of the¬†fests!¬†

THE BLACK – our highly anticipated short film / directorial debut for Kayla Stuhr (woohoo!) is still moving along in post-production. Please be patient with us! We are taking our time on this one to tell a pretty complex story. Stay tuned as we progress through production on this one – again if you want BTS photos / updates, we have a dedicated Facebook page for THE BLACK – click HERE!

That’s it for now.¬†Be sure to follow 4 Leagues Media on Facebook for news announcements and updates on the progress. As always, if you have an idea, question or want to just drop us a line – check us out on Facebook or email our Ops guy – Jeff@4LeaguesMedia.com