UPDATE – September 2018

TETHERED’s feature-length screenplay is complete! It is in the hands of a few people, fingers crossed on that project!  We sill be making an announcement about TETHERED the short film very soon – all of the timing there coincides with the month of October, so stick with us! For the latest updates on all of our projects, be sure to follow our 4LM FB page – we tend to put out news immediately – you can check it out by clicking HERE.


NERVOUS BREAKDOWN is in post-production and already gaining a lot of hype. There are so many announcements we’d like to make about this one, but don’t have everything set in stone yet. We can tell you that we have Chris Kelly and Chris Demm (from the Rock 92.3 Show “Two Guys Named Chris”) starring in it, alongside Melissa Blackwell, Amy Solo and our very own Kayla Stuhr. We’ve created a Facebook page specifically for Nervous Breakdown (you can click HERE to visit, like and follow!). Think subtle 80’s throwback horror / mystery / thriller with a splash of bitchin’. 

THE BLACK – our highly anticipated short film / directorial debut for Kayla Stuhr (woohoo!) is moving along in post-production. We are still very much taking our time on this one to tell a pretty complex story. Stay tuned as we progress through production on this one – again if you want BTS photos / updates, we have a dedicated Facebook page for THE BLACK – click HERE! We expect to be hitting festivals in early 2019 with this baby!

That’s it for now. Be sure to follow 4 Leagues Media on Facebook for news announcements and updates on the progress. As always, if you have an idea, question or want to just drop us a line – check us out on Facebook or email our Ops guy – Jeff@4LeaguesMedia.com