March 2018

We know there’s a pretty large following for our 2017 Short Film, TETHERED – so we will keep updating everyone on that front. We are working feverishly on developing the short into a feature-length film. As we hit our milestones (consider us in pre-production right now), we will update everyone here and on our FB page. Our 4LM FB page tends to put out news immediately so if you want those updates, please like / follow us on FB! You can visit that page by clicking HERE.


– We are still planning on working with a few other filmmakers this year on a collaborative project – timing is always tough, but we will update everyone on that project as it comes to fruition!

GALMI was completed in February and will be making a short and very select festival run this year. We are extremely proud of this little piece and it was absolutely more of a fantasy short film for us instead of a horror, but 100% genre nonetheless. We’ll let everyone know where GALMI will be making it’s debut when we can!

– THE BLACK – our highly anticipated short film / directorial debut for Kayla Stuhr (woohoo!) will wrap up principal photography this month. We are taking our time to make sure we dot all the “i’s” and cross all the “t’s” on this piece, it deserves the utmost care. Stay tuned as we progress through production on this one – again if you want BTS photos / updates, we have a dedicated Facebook page for THE BLACK – click HERE! We expect it to be hitting festivals later this year in the horror / thriller / psychological genre!

– IF all goes well, we will also be shooting a 3rd short film in Spring / Summer. This one is going to strictly be for the die-hard horror fans out there. We’re always pushing ourselves to test out new waters – and these waters are going to be murky, bloody and incredibly crazy. Probably our most ambitious short film this year. Seriously, if we tackle this one – ooooooohhhhhh man, get ready for a ride. 

That’s it for now. Be sure to follow 4 Leagues Media on Facebook for news announcements and updates on the progress. As always, if you have an idea, question or want to just drop us a line – check us out on Facebook or email our Ops guy –